Saturday, August 30, 2014

A View From the Bridge

It has been a productive month for Paleotechnic Press (if I do say so myself). As  I mentioned in my last View From the Bridge post, I had planned to move the blog over to a WordPress site, but after much trial and error, I wasn't able to get WordPress to look (and work) the way I desired. Despite the small setback, I kept plugging away at the Blogger template, and I was able to fix several of the javascript and CSS errors on the existing site.  Long story short, I don't feel the need to switch over any longer.
I was able to make some other updates to the template as well, including addressing the menu bar items and adding pages with the lists of the out-of-production GameTech and Houston's Cloudships miniatures, designed for Sky Galleons of Mars. These lists can be found under the 'Miniatures' heading in the menu bar. Adding these pages was essentially a proof of concept exercise for me; they worked well, so over time I will add images of the Sky Galleons miniatures to the pages, as well as adding the legacy pages from my 15/18mm Victorian Colonial/VSF miniatures list and the 'Foreign Ships' line, useful for Ironclads & Ether Flyers, from Houston's Ships (and others, I am sure).  I am still trying to decide what to do with the 'Hot Article' slider at the top of the page (as far as content goes), so that is next up on my list of 'to dos'.
There are several more Sky Galleons of Mars articles queued up (in various stages of completeness). Based on my work schedule, my plan will be to provide a new post every 10 days or so. Next up (this weekend) will be Surprise at Clearwater a scenario and couple of variants for Sky Galleons of Mars originally published in Challenge magazine.
I also have a handful of 'historical' articles that I trust will be of interest to readers. These articles similar to the Ætheric Signalling and How a Ship is Coaled posts. I just have to decide if I should modify the articles to take into account Victorian Science Fiction aspects of the blog's subject matter, or to leave them completely as is, for historical reference...
To that end, your questions, comments, and short speeches on any aspect of the site are always more than welcome, as are ideas, stories and interesting sites. As always, happy gaming!

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