Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A View from the Bridge

Month three of Paleotechnic Press is under my belt, and I remain pleased with both the reception of the website and my progress in making it a useful tool for Victorian SciFi enthusiasts. 
Those who are observant will notice some changes to the bottom of the template. I added the Blogger and Google+ follower widgets. I am open to changing those widgets and welcome suggestions. I also added the poll widget and invite everyone's participation. To that end the first poll is about what kinds of articles readers would like to see. I've got several more old magazine (Challenge and others) articles that I have permission to use, as well as a few new ones including a campaign scenario for Ironclads & Ether Flyers that I ran back in the 1990s. But what types of articles are you most interested in?  Check out the poll and/or leave a comment.
I am also happy to announce that the PDF edition of Chronicle City's edition of Space 1889 was released to Kickstarter subscribers today, I hope that the physical copies will not be far behind (along with the other modules and sourcebooks)! In a tangentially related development, Brigade Games, in the UK, released a new model of a 2mm scale airship hanger, as a scenery item for their Aeronef & Land Ironclads lines of miniatures. The model looks like it will work well with the classic GameTech and Houston's Ships zeppelin models, so plans for a "build-up" article are underway.
Finally, following this editorial, I plan to post another "historical" article, The Influence of the Air-Ship on War (from an 1890s edition of the North American Review), and early next month should have Greg Porter's original Ships of the Line article up as well.  Continue to check this space for future developments, and happy gaming!

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  1. I am really looking forward to the English translation of the new Space 1889 rule book.

    1. Generally I'm not much for PDF versions of books, but it does look pretty good -- and I am happy to have it, but I will be happier when I get my hard copy (hopefully soon)!


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