Heliograph, Inc.

Transactions of the Royal Martian Geographic Society
The Journal of Victorian Era Roleplaying

Transactions of the Royal Martian Geographic Society was a quarterly publication devoted to roleplaying in the Victorian Era, with an emphasis on Space: 1889.
Sadly, Heliograph, Inc. announced that it would no longer be publishing the journal. However compilations of issues 1-8, as well a collection of articles submitted to the electronically published TRMGS Online are still available from Amazon.com:
ISBN: 0-9668926-8-2
This volume combines the articles published electronically on Heliograph, Inc.'s web site. It contains material for Space: 1889 and other Victorian Era games, and includes reprints of some material from Challenge Magazine.
ISBN: 0-9668926-1-5
A collection of TRMGS issues 5 through 8, has been published by Heliograph, Inc. It can be obtained from better book sellers everywhere
ISBN: 0-9668926-0-7
A collection of the first four issues of TRMGS, was published by Heliograph, Inc. It too, can be obtained from better book sellers everywhere.

Space: 1889 - Reprints

With the demise of GDW, Heliograph, Inc. also arranged to publish the collected Space: 1889 materials, including the associated miniatures games. These titles are still available from Amazon.com (and other book sellers):
ISBN: 978-1930658042
A combination book with the rules and ship charts from the two Space: 1889 boxed games of the same name.
ISBN: 978-1930658103
A reprint of Space: 1889's 19th Century miniatures combat rules. The rules work just was well for recreating an historical British column fighting its way through the passes of the Northwest Frontier.
ISBN: 978-1930658059
A complete Set of 19th Century Aero-naval Miniatures Rules. Set in the Space: 1889 universe. The book contains combat rules, scenarios, details on fleets of the world, ship design, and campaign rules.

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