Space 1889 Adversaries

by Game Designers' Workshop

1/1200 scale molded plastic aerial vessels.

GDW's line of Sky Galleons of Mars miniatures were injection molded "model-quality plastic skyships" designed specifically for the boxed game. GDW also sold the models, outside of the boxed edition of Sky Galleons, as two boxed sets, one for the British Aerial Gunboats (molded in grey styrene) and one for the Martian Cloudships (molded in brown styrene). The British sprue came with 3 model ships, and a flat flying base for personal flyers (High Martians or Throckmorton Conveyors), as well as four flying stands. The Martian Sprue came with 4 ships, 2 cloudships and 2 screw galleys, plus four flying stands. Each box contained 3 identical sprues.
The gaming community's initial reaction to these models was largely negative (or at least ambivalent). The ships were small (considerably smaller than both the Houston's and GameTech miniatures) and less detailed. However they had one huge advantage; because they were made of plastic they could be easily modified. Each boxed set also came with a nice guide to converting the models into different ships based on an article from Challenge magazine.
Sadly, these models are no longer commercially available (although they can sometimes be found on eBay), and this listing is provided solely for reference purposes:
Stock #  Name Image Nationality 
1801 Martian Cloudships Martian
1802 Aerial Gunboats British

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