Sky Galleons and Gunboats

by GameTech

1/1000 scale miniature aerial vessels & accessories.

The GameTech line of Sky Galleons of Mars miniatures were primarily cast pewter miniatures with some paper and vacuformed (sails and zeppelin hulls) parts.  They came with a nicely designed stand (with a place for the altitude marker) as well as a detailed assembly/painting instructions.

Scott Flowers, the owner of GameTech, purchased the original Houston's Cloudships and Gunboats line of miniatures from Richard Houston/Houston's Ships, but the GameTech miniatures were completely re-mastered models, and included additional ships not found in Houston's original line.

Sadly, these figures are no longer commercially available, and this list is provided merely for reference purposes:
Stock #  Name Type Nationality 
GB-01 HMS Aphid gunboat British
GB-02 HMS Dauntless gunboat British
GB-03 HMS Macefield gunboat British
GB-04 HMS Locust gunboat British
GB-05 HMS Reliant gunboat British
GB-06 HMS Vengeance gunboat British
GB-07 Steam Launch launch British
G-01 SMS Hamburg gunboat German
G-02 LZ-5 zeppelin German
G-03 LZ-41 zeppelin German
G-04 SMS Moltke assault transport   German
US-01 USS Eagle gunboat American
US-02 USS Ranger gunboat American
US-03 USS Kearsage gunboat American
US-04 USS Tripoli boarding sloop American
US-05 USS Mohawk gunboat American
IR-01 Fenian Ram screw galley Irish
M-01 Glory Sled screw galley Martian
M-02 End Time screw galley Martian
M-03 Clearsight screw galley Martian
M-04 Clockwork Ram screw ram Martian
M-05 Swiftwood kite Martian
M-06 Skylord kite Martian
M-07 Skyrunner screw galley Martian
M-08 Heavenly Archer screw galley Martian
M-09 Hullcutter screw galley Martian
M-10 Whisperdeath kite Martian
M-11 Warm Winds kite Martian
M-11 Small Bird screw galley Martian
F-01 Gloire cruiser French
F-02 Ney assault transport French
F-03 Harpon sloop French
R-01 Czarina gunboat Russian
R-02 Borodino assault transport Russian
B-01 Liege assault transport Belgian
PA-01 Victorian style stand accessories
Maltese Cross decals  accessories German

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