Cloudships and Gunboats

by Richard Houston

1/1000 scale miniature aerial vessels for use with Space: 1889.

The Houston's Ships line of Cloudships and Gunboats was released shortly after Sky Galleons of Mars came out in 1988. The ships were designed by Richard Houston to the same scale as his "Foreign Ships" (pre-Dreadnaught Era naval miniatures) at approximately 1/1000 scale. The Foreign Ships line, along with the Cloudships and Gunboats, complimented Space: 1889's Ironclads and Ether Flyers miniatures rule set.
The Cloudships and Gunboats line of miniatures are no longer commercially available (although re-casts can occasionally be found on eBay). Mr. Houston sold his original molds to Scott Flowers at GameTech. Mr. Flowers re-designed the ships and sold those designs under the GameTech label for a number of years.
This list, of Houston's Cloudships and Gunboats, is provided for reference purposes:
Stock # Name Type Nationality
C&G-01 Heavenly Archer kite Martian
C&G-02 Swiftwood kite Martian
C&G-03 Wisperdeath kite Martian
C&G-04 Warm Winds kite Martian
C&G-05 Skylord kite Martian
C&G-06 Small Bird screw galley Martian
C&G-07 Clearsight screw galley Martian
C&G-08 Sky Runner screw galley Martian
C&G-09 Endtime screw galley Martian
C&G-10 Hullcutter screw galley Martian
C&G-11 Skyfire screw galley Martian
C&G-12 HMS Aphid gunboat British
C&G-13 HMS Dauntless gunboat British
C&G-14 HMS Locust gunboat British
C&G-15 HMS Macefield gunboat British
C&G-16 HMS Reliant gunboat British
C&G-17 HMS Thunderer gunboat British
C&G-18 HMS Triumph gunboat British
C&G-19 HMS Intrepid gunboat British
C&G-20 Czarina gunboat Russian
C&G-21 SMS Hamburg gunboat German
C&G-22 Harpon gunboat French
C&G-23 Gloire gunboat French
C&G-24 USS Eagle gunboat American
C&G-25 USS Ranger gunboat American
C&G-26 Mikasa gunboat Japanese
C&G-27 Yashima gunboat Japanese
C&G-28 Leopold gunboat Belgian
C&G-29 Liege assault transport Belgian
C&G-30 LZ-41 zeppelin German
C&G-31 LZ-5 zeppelin German

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